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The drive from Cuzco is on the road that goes directly to Urubamba (as opposed to the road that goes to the eastern end and Pisac) and is a scenic drive of about 45 minutes.

There is a daily local market, down below by the entrance to town. As usual, it is a colorful throng of movement with the comings and goings and bargainings of the Indians.

The handicraft market is only on Sunday and is up by the church, an uphill walk via a cobblestone road and steps. The market is not large, and it is spread out in the huge plaza in front of the church. Prices are a bit less than in Pisac and bargaining is expected.

It's interesting to see the end of services and the exiting of the Indians in a variety of dress. The church itself is only open on Sundays and is built on Inca walls.