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Carcass Island
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Wildlife check-list:

Blacked-chin siskin
Falkland thrush
Cobbs' wren night heron
Striated caracara
Gentoo penguin
Upland Goose
Ruddy-headed goose
Magellanic penguin
Yellow-billed pintail duck
Flightless steamer duck
Rock shag
Magellanic oystercatcher
Brown-hooded gull
Rufous-chested dotterel
Red-back hawk


Owned by Rob McGill

Lying to the northwest of the Falklands archipelago, this is one of the most picturesque outer-lying islands. In its 100+ years of habitation this island has had only three owners, all environmentally conscious, and an absence of cats and rats, making the luxuriant, well established hedges and trees an attractive home to many small birds such as the Cobb’s wren, Black-chinned siskins and Falklands thrush. The sandy beaches, rolling hills and low cliffs are superb platforms from which to view the multitude of sea and shore birds that either breed or feed on and around this island. These include Gentoo and Magellanic penguin, Yellow-billed pintail and Flightless steamer ducks, Magellanic oystercatchers, the rare Striated caracara and Red-backed hawk. A growing colony of Southern elephant seals can be found at the far north west point of the island.

Both the north and south of the island provide great hiking opportunities, taking in interesting flora, long white sand beaches (some good beachcombing), penguin colonies, and sheltered dunes which make great picnic spots.
The care and freedom from predation has left Carcass with a slightly different ambiance to anywhere else in the Falklands which is immediately evident and which really needs to be experienced rather than described. As there are no guided excursions on the island you will have plenty of time to explore this very special island completely at your own leisure.

Accommodations :
• Converted farm house
• 6 rooms (2 double, 3 twin, 1 triple)
• All ensuite
• Full board accommodation only (packed lunches provided on request)
• Lounge with honesty bar; sun room
• Free Drop off/pick-up service around the island subject to availability
• Full day excursion by boat to West Point Island

West Point Island... by boat
Experience vast numbers of Black-browed albatross, Rockhopper penguins, and superb cliff scenery on a full day excursion to this island which lies off the most north-westerly point of West Falkland.

The transfer time between Carcass and West Point on MV Condor (carrying a max of 10 passengers) is about an hour during which dolphins and birds swooping down to feed in the rich seas will keep you entertained.

Once on West Point Island you are free to explore the picturesque settlement, and make your way to Devil's Nose Cliffs - the wildlife hotspot or a lift may be available in a ubiquitous Land Rover.

On the return journey, MV Condor can circumnavigate West Point Island to give spectacular photographic opportunities.

Now available from Carcass Island: Day Excursions to Steeple & Grand Jason Islands and overnight stays on Steeple Jason:

Falkland Islands Steeple Jason Island and day excursions to Grand Jason Island

For the passionate naturalist and photographer Steeple Jason Island is now available as a travel destination in the Falkland Islands.

In the far north west of the Falklands archipelago, The Jason Island group is a wilderness paradise. Rugged and remote, and rarely visited, both Steeple Jason and Grand Jason Islands boast breathtaking scenery and a wealth of wildlife.  Steeple Jason holds the World's largest Black-browed Albatross colony, large colonies of Southern Giant Petrels, Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins, Striated Caracaras and many other bird species.

*Both options require extended stay on Carcass Island as trip is very weather reliant*

One special note:
 It is tradition in the islands to discard your footgear in the sun-room foyer before entering the main house. This has been the practical way over the years to keep the outdoors out and in the indoors cleaner.

And after a hard day of exploring the spectacular wildlife of the area, your shoes can be pretty grubby. Plan to bring along a pair of warm socks or slippers to wear inside the house.

Darwin House

Sea Lion Island

Carcass Island