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Hamadryade Lodge


near Mishuali, Ecuador

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ACTIVITIES - a sample list:

Jatun Sacha (full day):  Click here for complete info on Jatun Sacha
Take a short ride with your experienced native guide to the entrance of the Jatun Sacha Chichicorumi reserve.  Your guide will then take you on a 6 hours walk through the secondary and primary Rainforest and unravel all of its mysteries: medicinal plants, birds, wild animals, amazing insects, colorful frogs and reptiles.  Walk through Santa Barbara, an indigenous community set back deep in the jungle.  The trek includes a lunch sent with your guide and a canoe trip back to civilization.

For youngsters or elders, we propose you walk in a different, easier hiking location.  Also through the secondary and primary Rainforest, your guide will bring you back to the village of Misahualli for lunch.

Valle Hermoso (full or half day):
visit our neighbors, the Quechua indigenous community of Valle Hermoso in Machacu Yacu.  There you will be welcomed by the natives who will show you how they live their everyday life in the jungle, and take you on a walk to one of the family’s residence.   

Chiripuno Community (full or half day):
Spend a full day or only an afternoon in the company of these proud Quechuas from the indigenous community of Chiripuno, who will show you traditional dances, offer to have you participate in shamanistic rituals and taste local beverages.

Huaorani Community (full day):
We offer you a privileged access to this mysterious ethnic group, hidden deep in the Rainforest. This full day visit includes a lunch on the river side with your guide.

Amazoonico Animal Center (full day):
Depart from the Lodge in the morning to go on a canoe trip on the Rio Napo and Rio Arajuno towards the animal rescue center Amazoonico, where you can see various animals as the famous tigrillo, different types of monkeys, numerous birds and other wild life.   Then visit the traditional Quechua Museum that presents many artifacts and explanations about the Quechua people’s way of life in the Rainforest.  Come back for lunch in the village of Misahualli. And then take a walk from the village to see the 6 centuries old three called Papa Pununo or come back to the lodge to relax in our ozone treated rain water swimming pool

Rafting day (full day):
You may choose between a class IV, III or II (for families with small children) depending on your desire for wild sensations.  This full day of adventure through amazing canyons includes a lunch on the beach.

Night walk (considered like half day):
Right after dinner, our guide will meet you at the Lodge and take you on a short walk in our Rainforest backyard.  The jungle is always a little bit more lively at night.

Ceibo (half day):
Take a walk from the village of Misahualli to see the 6 centuries old tree called Papa Pununo.

Las Latas Falls (half day):
Follow a marked trail up the mountain to see one of the nicest wonders of the region.  Don’t forget to bring your swimming suit!

Options at an extra cost:

  • Massage:   You can indulge a perfect Massage in our traditional hut built in the Jungle. Our therapist will welcome you to offer you a perfect experience at the sound of the surrounding jungle.

  • A shamanic ritual is also an ideal opportunity for spiritual cleansing before the massage.

SAMPLE PROGRAM: (Recommended stay 3 nights to have two full days)

Morning departure by private vehicle for the 3 1/2 hour to Hamadryade Lodge. Arrival at the Lodge: the first glance at the Lodge, after climbing a road through the Rainforest, will take your breath away.  The view over the endless jungle and the Rio Napo will set the ambiance for your stay.

We then welcome you for lunch at the Lodge in our panoramic restaurant.

In the afternoon, relax in our ozone treated rain water swimming pool, or walk 800 meters to visit one of the largest butterfly gardens in Ecuador.  The butterfly garden is an ecoproject we built that aims at repopulating the area with an increasing number of butterflies over various species.  The native apprentices that work there will be happy to show you how they care to these insects and help you understand every step of its incredible life.  You also have the possibility of enjoying a soothing massage next to the fire in our outdoor typical massage room.

Every night of your stay, savor our chef’s fusion cuisine by candle light, with perhaps a bottle of his selected wine.  Then sip a cocktail in the Lounge or get some rest for tomorrow’s activity.

Choose from a variety of activities..

Sleep in as long as you wish, then after a healthy breakfast and maybe a stop at our fair trade boutique for some souvenirs, get ready for departure.  Check out time 10 AM. Return transfer to Quito arriving in the early afternoon.