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Here's a list of LADATCO's favorite books.
You can find many of them in the travel sections at your local bookstore.
But if you can't, try
www.amazon.com. The selection is enormous and you can order over the Internet.
If you've read a book you think is particularly interesting, useful or enlightening,
e-mail LADATCO and we'll include it here.

And we'll continue to add more books as we discover them.

Footprint Handbooks Originally one for all of South America and one for Central America, in 1996 they began publishing separate books for certain destinations: Ecuador & the Galapagos; Peru & Chile. More individual country books are coming. These are the best non-biased, fact filled, up-to-date books available, but it is still best not to pay attention to any rates quoted because they are always out of date before the books are off the press.

Lonely Planet Guides Another series of guide books, country by country or by region. Good maps, easy to read, some editorializing mixed in lots of facts.

Inca Gold True fiction set in Peru and Bolivia, filled with action. Author Clive Cussler does research his plots and destinations, but it is still FICTION. Great for being distracted on long flights or in airports.

The Inca - A Novel Fiction but remarkably true in fact. Author Daniel Peters traces the lives of two empire kids through their meeting, marriage and travels for conquest and healing, until the Spanish Conquistadors arrive and destroy the empire. 1200 pages but worth it.

Tikal - A Novel about the Maya Also fiction by the same author as "The Inca", but if it is as good as the Inca, it should provide an entertaining and educational view into this ancient civilization.

Nazca Author Jim Woodman explores the mysteries of Peru's Plains of Nazca and soars above them in a hot air balloon fashioned and flown in the same manner as accessible to the ancient Nazcas.

Mysterious Giants of Our Past
Author Jim Woodman explores the mysteries of the Americas including the Giant of the Atacama Desert and the etchings in the Plains of Nazca.

The Pantanal Author Vic Banks travels through this seasonal eco-system and brings its uniqueness to life.

Floreana - A Woman's Pilgrimage to the Galapagos Written by Margaret Wittmer, one of the first permanent settlers of the islands, about her journey to and her life on Floreana, as well as the comings and goings of visitors and the other inhabitants of Floreana including some unique characters.

The Old Patagonian Express
By Train through the Americas
Paul Theroux travels the length of the Americas by train and provides insightful stories all along the way.

In Search of Ancient Gods Author Erik Von Daniken subtitles this "My Pictorial Evidence of the Impossible".

Chariots of the Gods This was the book that made author Erik Von Daniken well known and brought Peru's Plains of Nazca to the attention of imaginations worldwide.

Amazon Authors Brian Kelly and Mark London explore the Amazon from Belem, Brazil to Iquitos, Peru.

Falkland People A look at the people of the Falkland Islands and their position in life's everyday activities and professions. Author Angela Wigglesworth has captured the essence of the people.

The Falklands A genuine coffee table winner! Superbe photography and information organized to paint a total picture of the Falklands yesterday and today. Author Tony Chater.

The Other Side of the Falklands
The Lion and The Lamb
Author R.M. Edwards recounts his 1954 journey on the Hanne S from England to the Falklands to work as a shepherd. Simple but interesting reading.

Those Were the Days Falkland Islands-Britannia House Museum curator John Smith has recreated chapters of life in the Islands. Excellent insight into the life and peoples of these remote islands.

a woman's spiritual adventure in the heart of the Andes
Author Elizabeth B Jenkins takes you with her on her search for spiritual meaning, culminating with complete 10-day spiritual journey with rituals and ceremonies in Cuzco, Urubamba Valley and Machu Picchu. In addition to being a "must read" for anyone into the spiritual, it is interesting historically for the beliefs of the Incas.