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Masaya is located 17 miles (28 km) from Managua. Because it's many interesting places and its proximity to Managua, Masaya is convenient for any tour plan. Takes its name from the Indian Nahuatl language: mazatl-yan or land of the deer.

Masaya Volcano National Park: This 54 square km volcanic park is only 10 miles from Managua. Opens daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 p.m. Features the Volcanic Museum with a complete interpretation of these phenomena. Also the Santiago Crater where you can walk to the very edge of the volcano and look all the way down to the bottom, or climb up 184 stairs and reach the intriguing cross set up in 1529 by a spanish priest to exorcise the devil.

Masaya Lagoon: Is part of the Masaya National Park, but is better seen from Nindirí (in Nahuatl: volcano town) or from the Cultural Center in Masaya.

Shopping: The Arts and Crafts market of Masaya: (also called Indian Market) is the place to look for bargains and souvenirs from Nicaragua. The market is buzzing with merchants and customers in narrow aisles. Colorful ceramics, leathers, carved woods, hammocks, corals, naive paintings, etc. Dollars are accepted, but we recommend exchanging currency before leaving Managua with the help and supervision of our tour guides. Every Thursday night there is a special cultural event at the market; folklore dances and live music.

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