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  The Teleferico Quito started operations in early 2005. It offers spectacular panoramic vistas of the city and surrounding mountains.

  There are eight cars with a capacity of 6 persons each

  The ascent takes 8 to 10 minutes traveling some 2500 linear meters, going from 2950 meters (8850 feet) to 4050 meters (12,150 feeet) altitude.

  At the summit there is  an amusement park. a collection of boutiques and shops offering handicrafts, jewelry, ceramics, clothing paintings    and art, a collection of restaurants ranging from sports bar, to typical foods, Fondu, Italian and international cuisine as well as snacks and     fast food and more pathways going up to as high as 4600 meters (13,800 feet) offering spectacular vistas and panoramas.

  The Teleferico offers a great way to have lunch and an afternoon of shopping or an afternoon of shopping and then dinner as the lights twinkle on in the city below.  The whole experience deserves three to four hours.