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Castro, Chiloe, Chile

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ABOUT PALAFITO 1326 - in their own words:
Our boutique hotel, located in the cultural center of the neighborhood housing Gamboa de Castro, was covered by larch tiles and zinc parts salvaged from the previous building. It is surrounded by terraces and walkways that allow global connectivity from the outside. The visit to the roof of Palafito 1326, offers a panoramic 360 degrees from where you can see small boats crossing the inland sea and every six hours, the motion of the tides. In addition, vegetation and the sandy hill. Also, enjoy bird watching as black-necked swans, various species of gulls hovering in the sky and the visit of a couple of Kingfishers. For sides, we can see the old buildings of stilt houses and the daily life of its native inhabitants, many craftsmen, fishermen and small traders.

SERVICES: Palafito 1326 offers to his guests:

  • Big terrace with 360º view
  • Local crafts sell and exhibition
  • WiFi
  • Kitchen
  • Excursions and tourist information
  • Chilean wines
  • Laundry

ACCOMMODATIONS: All rooms with WiFi, private bathroom with hot water, heater

Sea View

Palafitos View

Street view
Room with matrimonial bed with view to the bay of Castro
Suite with a Queen bed. It looks at the palafitos
Suite with matrimonial bed. Having a group of stilt houses surrounding the hotel
Room with matrimonial bed or two beds with view to the bay of Castro
Room with matrimonial bed. It looks at the palafitos
Double street view
Suite with matrimonial bed or two full size beds. Having a group of stilt houses surrounding the hotel
Matrimonial plus extra bed
Room with matrimonial bed and aditional bed with view to the bay of Castro.
Matrimonial plus extra bed street view
Suite with queen bed and bed for 1 person. Street view.


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Quinchao Island
Castro – Dalcahue ­Curaco de Velez – Achao ­Castro

Difficulty level: Minimum - Duration: 6 hours/Full Day
From Dalcahue we'll take a 10­ minute ferry ride to the Island of Quinchao. Our first stop, the little town of Curaco de Velez with its finely preserved antique houses is also our stop over for sampling its delicious oysters. Afterwards we'll arrive to Achao, where we'll have plenty of time for exploring the town as well as relishing the architecture of the region's oldest church. Later that afternoon we'll make our way back to the city of Castro.

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!!!CHI CHILOE Palafito kayak Chepu.jpg (25391 bytes) Kayak in Chepu
Difficulty level
: Minimum - Duration: 6 hours

We'll head out from Castro to Chepu where we'll get familiar with the basics of handling our kayak and try out our safety equipment (Life vests, Communication equipment.) Our excursion of the Puntra River is a 4 hour adventure through submerged temperate rain forests that boast an abundance of bird life, among other flora and fauna – all associated with this wet temperate ecosystem. Once we get back to the vista point we'll enjoy a rejuvenating lunch and head back to the city of Castro.

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!!!CHI CHILOE Palafito 1326 parque nacional.jpg (48102 bytes) National Park Chiloé - “El Tepual” trail
Castro – Chonchi ­Parque Nacional Chiloé – Castro
Difficulty level
: Minimum - Duration: 6 hours

We head south from Castro to visit the city of Chonchi's World Heritate wooden chapel which is also one of the island's largest churches. Afterwards we make our way to the National Park Chiloé. The town of Huillinco at the entrance way to park is also a jumping off point to the lake of the same name as well as Lake Cucao. We'll make sure that we take all the time necessary to take in not only the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean but also appreciate one of the more conserved ecological niches in Chiloé. There'll be no shortage of Park trails and Beach to explore before heading back to the city of Castro.

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!!!CHI CHILOE horeback san jose.jpg (35019 bytes) Horseback riding in San José
Castro – San José – Castro.

Difficulty level: Minimum - Duration: 4 hours

We head out from the city of Castro towards the Rilán Peninsula where our horses will be waiting for us at the Cahuelmapu Stable grounds. After a brief introduction to our horses and some basic instructions from their handlers we'll be well on our way down an old horse trail to the beach and to the little town of San Jose. From the typical wooden chapel in San José we'll make our way into a natural refuge to the flocks of black­necked swan and a variety of associated bird species found in this marsh environment. Afterwards, we'll have plenty of time to enjoy our box lunch before heading on the trail toward our awaiting vehicle which takes us back to the city of Castro.

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