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Pousada dos Quatro Cantos

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Dining room
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Luxury room

The Pousada dos Quatro Cantos occupies a historic 19th century mansion, situated in the heart of the old city of Olinda, which has been declared a World Cultural Heritage Site.

There is a full bar and restaurant featuring regional cuisine. The reception area is a step back in time, with century-old furniture and antique ceramics.

There is a shaded garden offering  stunning views of the old city.

Accommodations include:

  • VERANDA SUITE: Two rooms connected in colonial style, with air conditioning, minibar, TV, telephone, and bathroom. This suite features a large balcony with panoramic views over the old city and the sea.
  • GARDEN SUITE: Two rooms connected in colonial style, with air conditioning, minibar, TV, telephone, and bathroom. This suite features a small balcony looking in to the romatic garden of the Pousada, with partial views over the old city.
  • LUXURY ROOM: Comfortable and elegant room, with air conditioning, minibar, TV, telephone, bathroom, and balcony with a view.
  • STANDARD ROOM: Simple room with air conditioning, minibar, TV, telephone, bathroom, and internal garden.
  • ALCOVA: Simple room with minibar, TV and telephone.

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Standard room




On the northern coast of Pernambuco state, Olinda is located at the top of a hill, 6 km from Recife - the state's capital - and 12 km from Guararapes International Airport. It is easily accessed by modern highways and an efficient urban transportation system including busses, shuttles, and taxis.

Locale: Situated on the tip of the Brazilian northeast coast, at 8º
Altitude: 40m above sea level
Weather: Tropical, 30º average temperature
Rainfall: 2.026 mm


Founded in 1535 by Duarte Coelho Pereira, administrator of Pernambuco province, Olinda soon developed into the capital of the state and the home of wealthy settlers. It is from that era that her churches and old houses date, genuine representatives of the baroque architecture of the colonial age.

With the Dutch arrival of 1630, Recife, low-lying and with a natural harbor, came to be the state capital. The rivalry between these cities climaxed in Mascate's War, in 1710. Nowadays, several centuries later, the Portuguese nobility continue enchant inhabitants, artists and visitors with the magic of their hills, churches, and mansions.

In addition, carnaval in Olinda is considered to be one of the three best in all of Brazil!

Considered by many to be the third best cuisine in Brazil, the food of Pernambuco is the refined result of many cultures and races mixing together over the centuries to produce something truly unique.

From the Indians we learned how to use corn and the root vegetables; from the Portuguese, how to prepare fishes, meat, and vegetables, and from Africa, we inherited exotic spices and seasonings.

You will always find the table filled with incredible flavors made with roots like macaxeira, inhame, and sweet potatoes, as well as cooked fruits such as banana comprida and fruta-pão.

Since we are located on the coast, you will find that dishes based in a variety of seafood truly show the best of the what the region has to offer. Imagine coconut lobster or prawn with exotic sauces, Guaimunzada, fish simmered in coconut cream, steamed crab, seasoned octopus, and all manner of creative dishes composed of "Fruits of the Sea."
Popular Culture

In a country identified by religious, celebratory, and popular art, Olinda stands out for the unparalled richness of its cultural expression.

The people, intensely attached to the land, keep alive not only the stunning architectural traditions and religious rituals, but also the world-famous carnaval and distinctive handicrafts that the city has always been known for. The early Catholicism is represented in countless churches, chapels, and "passos," but Olinda is alive with other
influences as well, including native American and African, key components of the city (and Brazil's) make-up today.

This ethnic diversity offers the perfect cultural mix that makes Olinda an eternal city, apart from time and existing in a space of its own. It is a place where you can find exquisite art, sculpture, and painting, as well as an amazing variety of musical rhythms, such as frevo, maracatu, pastoril, forró, ciranda, xaxado, bumba-meu-boi, caboclinhos, capoeira, and many others.